Panthère brooch (1940s)

In 1914 Louis Cartier asked French painter George Barbier to make a drawing for an invitation to a Parisian jewelry exhibition. The painting was called ‘Dame à la Panthère’ and pictures an elegantly dressed woman with a panther at her feet. This was the first use of an animal at the company. Louis Cartier liked the painting so much that from then on, it has been in continuous use by Cartier as brand advertising.

The iconic Panther Collection is more than a mere symbol for Cartier, it is a timeless classic that has made its mark on the world of jewelry. One of fashion’s most famous style icons, Wallis Simpson, had a brooch and a bracelet especially created for her in the 1940s. Today, these are arguably the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world.

Below is a picture by Robert Doisneau of Wallis Simpson wearing the Panther brooch on her belt:


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