Since 1798, Gammarelli is the house tailor of the Roman Clergy. In 1874 the store moved to Via Santa Chiara 34, in the building of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, where it still is today.

Hat (beret)

The beret knows a long history. Bearn shepherds first hand knit the beret and felted the wool to protect themselves against the harsh sun and cold winters.

Boots (casual)

Founded in Massachusetts by Charles H. Alden in 1884, the Alden Shoe Company manufactures classic gentlemen’s footwear. Alden stands for traditional, custom shoemaking at its finest.

Pocket square

Simonnot-Godard was founded in 1787 by handkerchieves salesman Beaurain. It started out as a small handkerchief shop in Paris, near the Palais Royal.