Men’s Accessories


Founded in 1786 by Benjamin Woolfield, who was later joined by Charles Deakin, Deakin & Francis manufacture the most iconic cufflinks around.

Hat (Panama)

Traditionally made in Ecuador, a Panama hat is a light-colored, lightweight, brimmed straw hat. The best quality hats are made in the town of Montecristi.

Belt (woven)

Founded in 1966 by Carlo Valenti and Pancaldi Bruno, Anderson’s is now one of the oldest and most renowned men’s belt manufacturers in Europe.

Watch (octagonal)

Founded in 1875 by watch makers Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, and today still owned by its founding families, Audemars Piguet (AP) is a manufacturer of luxurious Swiss watches.

Glasses (angular)

Founded in 1915 by Hyman Moscot, Moscot is a luxury eyewear brand, headquartered in New York City. It is one of the oldest local businesses in New York City, as well as the 13th oldest eyewear company in the world today.

Hat (bowler)

Founded in 1676 by Robert Davis, James Lock & Co. is one of the oldest hatters in England. Davis’ son, Charles, took on James Lock as an apprentice in 1747.


Founded in 1820, Albert Thurston opened his shop at 27 Panton Street, Haymarket, London, selling and producing his now iconic braces and suspenders.

Shoe polish

Founded in 1920, Saphir is a brand of leather care products, made from natural raw materials. The finest boot-makers, shoe-makers and leather goods manufacturers all use Saphir to maintain the beauty of their leathers.

Tie (grenadine)

Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake in London’s East End, Drake’s is a manufacturer of the finest ties and really stands out with its textured grenadine ties.

Velvet slippers

Founded in 1874 by Obadiah Bowhill, who purchased the business from Wright & Co., Bowhill & Elliott is a retailer of fine English footwear and a manufacturer of slippers and house-shoes.

Hat (Fedora)

Founded in 1857 by Giuseppe Borsalino, Borsalino is a hat company based in Alessandria, Italy. Borsalino makes felt hats from Belgian rabbit fur, and is known particularly for its fedoras.


Founded in 1749 by the Humpherson family, Abbeyhorn manufactures shoe horns, shaving brushes, drinking horns and the Sgian Dubh – a decorative knife to wear with your kilt.


Founded in 1937 by eye health company Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses. Their most iconic models are the Aviator (which also features on Wikiconic) and the Wayferer.

Lighter (gas)

Founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot Dupont, the firm initially created unique handmade travel cases for French aristocracy and nobility, such as Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie.

Pocket square

Simonnot-Godard was founded in 1787 by handkerchieves salesman Beaurain. It started out as a small handkerchief shop in Paris, near the Palais Royal.