Coffee maker (drip brew)


Moccamaster (1969)

Drip brewing is a method which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filter. This method replaced the percolator due to the percolators’ tendency to over-extract coffee, thereby making it bitter. In 1954 the Wigomat, invented by Gottlob Widmann, was patented in Germany being the first electrical drip brewer, but it is out of production now.

Founded in 1964 by industrial designer Gerard Clement Smit, Technivorm started out as a manufacturing company of his own designs. One of his earliest ideas was the Technivorm KM1 coffee grinder, which featured a grinding system with built-in radial fan to prevent the coffee from heating up. The first pass through coffee grinder, the KM2 from 1967, was an even greater success than its predecessor. In 1968 Technivorm began developing a coffee maker for the fast-filter and normal method, the Moccamaster. One year after the award of international patents, this appliance came onto the market. It was an instant success and today Technivorm is seen as the benchmark coffeemaker. The added value of Technivorm lies in the quality of the product. The separate elements, the control, the adjustable hotplate elements, which allow the user to set the temperature at which the coffee is kept warm, and the straightforward operation are just a few examples of this.

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