Le Parfait

Established 1930

At the end of the 18th century, French inventor Nicolas Appert discovered the principle of modern canning. At that time, all preservation processes were expensive and allowed only partial preservation, which altered the product’s quality. By heating food in an hermetically sealed container, the food is preserved much longer.

Founded in Reims, France, at the beginning of the 1930s and the advertising boom, Le Parfait brought the principle above to French kitchens. Their mission was straightforward: to preserve the flavour of food simply and naturally. The Le Parfait jar, with its distinguishable orange rubber seal and built-in clamp, has been an icon for many generations. The basic design of Le Parfait jars may not be very innovative, but it is associated with quality and became the choice of gourmets around the world.

The heritage brands are Weck (est. 1895) and Mason (est. 1858). So you’ll be well off buying those. Unfortunately Weck’s metal clamps aren’t very practical and Mason’s jars all have an ordinary screwlid top.

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