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Established 1939

Founded in 1939 by Holger Nielsen as a metal workshop, Vipp is the manufacturer of the most iconic pedal bin. It all started when Nielsen won a car in a lottery, but as he didn’t yet have a driving license, he sold the car to raise money to buy a metal press. His wife gave him his first assignment: she wanted him to make a handy waste bin for her new hairdressing salon. Subsequently some of her customers, wives of the local GPs and dentists, were so impressed with the bin that they ordered it for their husbands’ surgeries and dental clinics.

The Vipp bin, taken from the Danish word for the lid’s movement as it opens and closes, quickly became a common feature in most Danish dentists’ and doctors’ practices, and proved well-suited for domestic use as well. Holger produced the bins for more than 40 years at the his workshop in Randers, Denmark, until his daughter took over the business in 1992. The design of the iconic Vipp bin has remained unchanged.

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