Sous vide machine

Anova Culinary

Established 2013

Founded in 2013 by Stephen Svajian, Jeff Wu, and Natalie Vaughn, Anova is the manufacturer of the most iconic sous vide machine, the Anova precision cooker. ‘Sous vide’ is French for ‘under vacuum’ and refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in a temperature controlled water bath.

For decades, chefs around the world use sous vide cooking to prepare food to the perfect level of doneness while also retaining its nutrients. Only in the last few years has sous vide become accessible for the home cook. In 2009, Sous Vide Supreme released a countertop sous vide water bath for home use. A few years later, more affordable and easier to use immersion circulators came on the market, the Anova proven to be the most successful innovation.

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