Loafers (tassel)

Alden Shoe Company

Established 1884

In 1936, the Bass Shoe Co. already introduced the Weejun loafer, which also features on Wikiconic. The tassel loafer dates back to 1948 and can be seen as a typical postwar frivolity. By request of actor Paul Lukas, who wanted tassels at the end of his laces and the laces woven through the topline of his bespoke shoes, Alden Shoe Co. designed the tassel loafer. When they put the tassel loafer into their production line in 1950, it was an immediate success. The tassel loafer now serves as a symbol of elegance and the good life for successful professionals and businessmen.

* the most iconic tassel loafer comes in Cordovan leather, with its typical no.8 reddish-brown colour;
* the black calf version is Alden’s best-selling shoe and is known as the lawyer’s shoe. George Bush once said that Bill Clinton was supported by ‘every lawyer that ever wore a tasseled loafer’.

Why on Wikiconic?
Representing a century-old tradition of craftsmanship, Alden prizes the product instead of the promotion. Just as we like it. This is certainly not the last time you’ll see a pair of Alden shoes on Wikiconic.
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