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Knize Ten (1924), Francois Coty & Vincent Roubert

Founded in 1858, and specialized in sportswear, riding attire and liveries, Knize grew out to become the house tailor of the Royal and Imperial Court. In 1924, the company released Knize Ten, an eau de toilette created by renowned perfumers François Coty and Vincent Roubert. Knize Ten is one of a handful of pre-1950s men’s colognes that is still manufactured today, and considered to be one of the few successful leather compositions in the history of perfume. The top note is citrus-fresh with petitgrain, orange, rosemary and bergamot; the heart note is dry to woody with cedars and sandalwood, and the base note is leathery with castor and ambergris.

The timeless design of the Knize Ten bottle is attributed to famous architect Adolf Loos, who also designed the facade for the Vienna shop in black marble and glass. For the head designer at Knize, Ernst Dryden, the game of polo was an emblem of aristocratic refinement and elegance. Hence Knize ‘Ten’, named after the highest player-rated handicap in polo. Some famous Knize Ten users: James Dean, David Niven and Marlene Dietrich.

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