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Fuga (1954), Sven Palmqvist

Founded in 1898 on the site of an older iron works, Orrefors glassworks mainly produced window glass and bottles. In 1913, when Consul Johan Ekman bought the factory, Orrefors started to produce drinking glasses, vases and other house-ware items.

Developed by Sven Palmqvist, a significant designer for Orrefors, the iconic Fuga technique was enabled to mass-produce cheap domestic glasswares. Palmquist poured molten glass into a spinning mould that, through its centrifugal spinning force (‘fuga’), presses the glass outward and upward. The whole process can be done automatically and takes less then one minute. When the glass pops out, it is completely finished and does not need to be polished or did not need manual finishing in any other way.

* Fuga pieces were produced in large quantities, which contributed to their iconic value but not to their intrinsic value. Pieces in other techniques, such as Ariel, Graal, Slipgraal, Kraka, Ravenna, Fabula or Litograal are much rarer and command higher prices than Fuga pieces.

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