Jacket (Harrington)


Established 1937

A Harrington jacket is a lightweight waist-length jacket, made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede — usually with traditionally Fraser tartan or check-patterned lining. The first Harrington-style jackets were made by John and Isaac Miller, the founders of Baracuta in 1937. At the same time, Grenfell claimed the invention, but it wasn’t until 1964 the name ‘Harrington jacket’ was first introduced. Actor Ryan O’Neal, while essaying the role of Rodney Harrington, wore a Baracuta G9 in the TV series Peyton Place.

The jacket quickly grew out to became an Ivy League classic, and in the United Kingdom the jacket became fashionable among mods and skinheads. It also featured in numerous Hollywood pictures: Elvis Presley wore a G9 in the film ‘King Creole’ (1954); Steve McQueen has worn the Baracuta G9
in both his personal life and several movies, but most famously in the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ (1963); Frank Sinatra wears a G9 in ‘Assault on a Queen’ (1966) and the list goes go on and on. The Baracuta G9 is unmistakably one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the world.

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