Iconic Objects – The Book

Anyone can compile a gratuitous list of 50 iconic objects. Or curate a subjective list of 100 pretty things. These lists will all include usual suspects such as the Porsche 911, the Barbour waxed jacket, the Eames lounge chair and the Louis Vuitton Keepall bag. But what if you want to buy a pruner, a pealer, a vacuum cleaner or a button-down shirt? In every product category there is a brand that has set the tone for others in terms of design, heritage or innovation. But in many categories the most iconic option is not so straightforward. Or it is hidden behind dark clouds of marketing.

Enter Iconic Objects – The Book. As simple as it is brilliant, this comprehensive book offers an A-Z of all objects of use, linked to the most iconic manufacturer or brand. Iconic Objects is a handy and, more importantly, objective buying guide for the discerning few. When in the know of the most iconic option, buying another brand is simply a compromise – or just being silly.

Free of any sponsored content, this anthology of timeless classics looks objectively at products and strives to strip them down to the basics. From there on, you can always choose to have your personal taste, or even identity, reflected in a kitchen appliance – if that is what you really want. We just seriously doubt that.

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