Paring knife

Robert Herder Windmuehlenmesser

Established 1872

Founded in 1872 by Robert Herder, Robert Herder Windmuehlenmesser manufactures carbon steel knives in Solingen, Germany. In contrast to most knives, Robert Herder still manufactures according to the Solingen Dry Fine Grinding technique. The knives are made of carbon steel which allows a grinding angle much farther up on the blade than is customary today with stainless steel, ensuring a very sharp cutting edge.

Paring knives are the most versatile of small knives. Their size makes them work just as well for peeling fruits and vegetables as they do for on-the-board slicing and mincing. If you’re only going to have three knives in your drawer, a good paring knife should be one of them. Windmuehlenmesser knives are taper ground, as opposed to the steep and narrow bevel of industrially produced knives. They are meticulously sanded down in an extremely thin grinding angle. This makes the knife very sharp and gives it nice cutting properties. However, carbon steel is not stainless and needs some attention. It needs to be cleaned and dryad immediately after use. The knife is therefore absolutely not dishwasher proof. This knife is also very popular amongst gardeners The thin blade makes cutting of hard materials such as rose stems very easy.

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