Established 1798

Since 1798, Gammarelli is the house tailor of the Roman Clergy. In 1874 the store moved to Via Santa Chiara 34, in the building of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, where it still is today. Extremely light and stylish, Gammarelli socks are still produced in a small atelier just outside of Rome.

The socks are available in three colors and come in 100% lisle cotton or 100% Merino wool. Up to the knees – miraculously they will never fall off during the day – the socks are hand knitted from the best cotton fabric, using very long cotton fibers. The red socks were initially made for cardinals, the purple ones for bishops and the black ones for parish priests. Today, the subtle elegance of these socks has enticed clientele from all over the world.

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