Staple puller

Balma, Capoduri & C.

Zenith 580 (1958)

Founded in 1924 in Voghera, Italy, Balma Capoduri & C. is a manufacturer of office supplies, including the iconic Coccoina glue which is also featured on Wikiconic. Under the ‘Zenith’ trade-mark they produce staplers, reinforcement punches, copying trays and staple removers.

Although not the worlds first staple puller, since its design by Giorgio Balma in 1958 the Zenith 580 has become recognized as the standard by which all others are judged. Made of nickel plated steel and removing any size of office staple, the Zenith 580 staple remover can be considered unique for its technical and aesthetical perfection, accuracy, high degree of finishing and its well researched handle design. To maintain high quality standard guaranteed by all Zenith products, each staple remover is tested piece by piece and has life-guarantee for manufacturing defects. The Zenith 580 is much imitated, but none of the copies match the quality of machining or materials used in the original.

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