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Established 1937

In 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the blender by putting a spinning blade at the bottom of a container to make soda fountain drinks. In 1935, Fred Osius improved on Poplawski’s idea and invented the blender as we know it today.

Fred Waring achieved fame fronting the big band, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. Fred Osius knew that Fred Waring had a fondness for new inventions, and Osius need money to make improvements to his blender. Waring sponsored him $25,000, but the blender still suffered technical difficulties. It wasn’t until 1937, the Waring-owned Miracle Mixer blender was introduced to the public at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. In 1938, Fred Waring renamed his Miracle Mixer Corporation as the Waring Corporation, and the mixer’s name was changed to the Waring Blender.

Thanks to Waring’s own promotion, on the radio and through a singing group named ‘The Waring Blendors’, the blender became a permanent fixture in restaurants and bars. Ultimately, department and specialty store sales increased and the blender became a household appliance for home chefs. The Waring Blender also became an important tool in hospitals for the implementation of specific diets, as well as a vital scientific research device. Dr. Jonas Salk used it while developing the vaccine for polio.

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Vitamix and Blendtec, the Canon and Nikon of this product category. They battle each other with marketing budget to win the consumers heart, which reflects in the product’s pricing. Definitely not for us.
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