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Established 1987

Founded in 1987 by Niels and Walter Peteri, sons of Quooker’s inventor Henri Peteri, Quooker is the manufacturer of the world’s first boiling-water tap. When engineer Henri Peteri was working on the development of instant soup for a big food company, he realized that soup would never be ‘instant’ without boiling water on tap. From that moment on he started developing an appliance that would dispense boiling water instantly, but due to financial problems Henri Peteri was forced to discontinue his project.

Designed by Niels Peteri, who worked on his father’s idea for five years, the Quooker Basic was launched in 1992. This was the first in a series of taps. The Classic followed in 1997, the Design in 1998 and the Modern in 2005. The Quooker COMBI, which replaces a kitchen boiler, was introduced in 2006. Assisting with a variety of kitchen tasks from sterilising babies dummies to preparing noodles to simply making a very quick cup of tea, the innovative Quooker is incredibly safe with childproof handles and insulated sides, i.e. the surface of the taps will never be too hot to touch.

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