Kids & Toys


Founded in 1932 by blacksmith Anders Winther, Winther is a manufacturer of quality bikes for kids and adults, mostly known for its iconic model 405 tricycle.


Founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler as a dollhouse furniture company, Mattel is the manufacturer of the original Barbie fashion doll.

Baby carrier

Founded in 1961 by Björn Jakobson, Babybjörn is a Swedish manufacturer of baby products, best known for its baby carriers.


Founded in 1948 by Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin, Wham-O Inc. is a toy company known for marketing popular toys such as the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee, the Slip ‘N Slide, the Hacky Sack and the Boogie Board.

Water gun

Invented in 1982 by Lonnie Johnson, the Super Soaker is a recreational water gun that has more power, range and accuracy than a conventional squirt guns.

Baby bottle

Founded in 1936, Cannon Rubber launched Avent in 1984 as a brand of a new type of baby bottle that was short with a wide neck.


Two wooden runners joined by a pull-bar for stability, and the word ‘DAVOS’ branded on the central wooden slat: this simple design makes the Davos the most iconic sledge in the world.

Plush toy

Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, Steiff is a German-based plush toy company known for its high quality toys.


The iconic Uncle Goose ABC blocks teach preschool children how to read, write, sort, and just have fun.

Sippy cup

Founded in 1932 as the International Latex Company, which later became known as International Playtex Inc., the company pioneered the development of latex, specifically for the production of ladies girdles.

High chair

Designed in 1972 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik for Stokke, the Tripp Trapp is an ingenious highchair that revolutionized the children’s chair category.