Push bin

Founded in 1867 by M. Westermann as Westermann & Co., Wesco is the manufacturer of the most iconic push bin, the Pushboy.

Clothes iron

Founded in 1884 by Robert Weintraud as a manufacturer of office supplies and smoking accessories, Rowenta is a manufacturer of small household appliances, mostly known for its clothes irons.

Tea towel

Founded in 1807 by Henricus van den Acker, Van den Acker is one of the few Dutch weaving mills that successfully serves the worldwide market with its own collections. At this moment the sixth generation runs the company.

Hot water bottle

Founded in 1948 by Friedrich Kraus, Fashy makes the most iconic hot water bottle. Fashy was one of the pioneers in plastic consumer goods, and started out as a wholesale business dealing in rubber and plastic products.

Vacuum cleaner

Founded in Denmark in 1906 by Peder Andersen Fisker and Hans Marius Nielsen, Nilfisk originally produced electrical engines for ventilators, kitchen elevators and other appliances.