Garden & Outdoors

Shrub shears

Founded in 1898 by Wilhelm Abt, who would later take over manufacturer of forks Victoria, Freund Victoria is a leading manufacturer of garden tools.

Pool cleaning robot

In 1982, Peter Rasch invented a device that could automatically clean a swimming pool. He decided to work with Maytronics to develop the world’s first robotic pool cleaner.

Hedge shears

Founded in 1940 by blacksmith Tsuneichi Okano, Okatsune (an acronym of the founder’s name) is the undisputed number 1 shear manufacturer in Japan.

Hunting rifle

Founded in 1835 by London tobacconist and fine competition pigeon shot Harris Holland, Holland & Holland manufacturers the most iconic hunting rifles.


Founded in 1893 as Weber Brothers Metal Works, Weber-Stephen Products is the manufacturer of the most iconic outdoor barbecue grill.


Founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, Andreas Stihl AG & Company is a German manufacturer of handheld power equipment, mostly know for its chainsaws.


Founded in 1836 by John Deere as repair shop and manufacturer of small tools, John Deere today manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, and lawn care equipment.


Founded in 1895 by David W. Brunton and William Ainsworth, Brunton, Inc. is a manufacturer of technical gear for outdoor activity.


Founded in 1949 by Wilhelm Swarovski, son of Daniel Swarovski, founder of Swarovski crystal (est. 1895), Swarovski Optik KG is the manufacturer of world’s most iconic binoculars.

Garden hose

Founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner as an importer of French garden tools, Gardena today is a manufacturer of products for garden watering and care.


Founded in 1867 by Charles Haemmerlin as a metal foundry and workshop in Saverne, France, Haemmerlin is a manufacturer of various equipment used on construction sites.


Founded in 1697 by James Reenstierna as a manufacturer of nails and tool used for ship building, Hults Bruk now is the largest axe manufacturer in Sweden.

Wellington boots

The wellington boot, also known as rubber boot or welly, is a type of boot based upon leather Hessian boots, worn and popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.