Women’s Accessories


Founded in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels, Van Cleef & Arpels is a prestigious Parisian jewelry company whose pieces have been worn by style icons.

Necklace (pearl)

Kokichi Mikimoto was the first in the world to successfully culture a pearl in 1893 and started the pearl industry with the establishment of his luxury pearl company Mikimoto.


Founded in 1883, the Bellora–Careghini company was initially specialized in the production of linen fabrics. In 1933, Giuseppe Bellora decides to found his own company, Giuseppe Bellora SpA.


In 1914 Louis Cartier asked French painter George Barbier to make a drawing for an invitation to a Parisian jewelry exhibition.

Hat (beret)

The beret knows a long history. Bearn shepherds first hand knit the beret and felted the wool to protect themselves against the harsh sun and cold winters.