Adjustable wrench

Founded in 1886 by Swedish inventor and industrialist Johan Petter Johansson (1853–1943) as Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad, Bahco is a premium hand tool manufacturer.

Aerobics sneaker

Founded in 1958 as a companion company to J.W. Foster and Sons (est. 1895), Reebok is an athletic footwear and apparel company, specialized in fitness.

American football gear

Founded in 1929 by John Tate Riddell, Riddell is an American company specializing in sports equipment for American football, mostly known for its helmet technology and innovation.

Automotive tools

Founded in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann as the Snap-on Wrench Company, Snap-on is a manufacturer of high-end tools for professional users.


Founded in 1697 by James Reenstierna as a manufacturer of nails and tool used for ship building, Hults Bruk now is the largest axe manufacturer in Sweden.

Baby bottle

Founded in 1936, Cannon Rubber launched Avent in 1984 as a brand of a new type of baby bottle that was short with a wide neck.

Baby carrier

Founded in 1961 by Björn Jakobson, Babybjörn is a Swedish manufacturer of baby products, best known for its baby carriers.


Founded in 1893 as Weber Brothers Metal Works, Weber-Stephen Products is the manufacturer of the most iconic outdoor barbecue grill.


Founded in 1876 by Albert Spalding in Chicago, Illinois, Spalding is an American sporting goods company specialized in the production of balls for many sports, but is most-known for its basketballs.


Founded in 1896 by Conrad Hubert as the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, Eveready is a leading manufacturer of battery brands.

Bicycle helmet

Founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes, Giro is a US manufacturer of helmets, apparel and shoes for cycling, and goggles for skiing and snowboarding.

Bicycle pedal

Founded in 1951, originally as a manufacturer of ski equipment, Look today manufactures high-end ski bindings, bicycle frames and cycling equipment.


Founded in 1949 by Wilhelm Swarovski, son of Daniel Swarovski, founder of Swarovski crystal (est. 1895), Swarovski Optik KG is the manufacturer of world’s most iconic binoculars.


The iconic Uncle Goose ABC blocks teach preschool children how to read, write, sort, and just have fun.

Book series

Created in 1931 by Jacques Schiffrin, the Bibliothèque de la Pléiade is a French series of books with reference editions of the complete works of classic authors in a pocket format.

Boules (pétanque)

Founded in 1904 in Marseille by Félix Rofritsch, La Boule Bleue makes the most iconic pétanque boules. It all started when Rofritsch opened a shop on the rue des Fabres, and sold goods that he called ‘articles from Paris’.

Boxing gear

Founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb as a manufacturer of swimwear, Everlast is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of boxing equipment.

Camera bag

Founded in 1973 in the West Midlands, Billingham originally manufactured fishing bags and only moved into camera bags after the company noticed that many photographers were using its fishing bags to carry their cameras around.


A capo is a device used on the neck of guitars, mandolins, and banjos to shorten the playable length of the strings, hence raising the pitch.

Car (compact)

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen AG is a German car manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany and is now the second-largest automaker in the world.

Car (estate)

Founded in 1915 as a subsidiary of the ball bearing manufacturer SKF, AB Volvo is a Swedish manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.

Car (limousine)

A limousine is a luxury sedan with a lengthened wheelbase, driven by a chauffeur. The first ‘stretch limousine’ was created by a coach company named Armbruster, who designed cars for big bands.

Car (MPV)

Introduced in 1984, the Renault Espace is one of the first multi-purpose vehicle (MPVs) in the world. The project was started by Matra, one of the French Renault partners, but was marketed under the Renault brand.

Car (rally)

First launched in 1994 and developed especially for competitive sport, the Subaru Impreza WRX STi is one of the most successful rally cars ever.

Car (roadster)

Initially, a roadster was an American term for a two-seat car with no weather protection. By the 1970s, usage of the term evolved to open two-seat cars of sporting appearance or character.


Founded in 1929 by Wally Byam, Airstream is a brand of luxury caravans, easily recognized by their polished aluminum coachwork and the use of rivets.

Caulking gun

Founded in 1958, P.C. Cox has is the global market leader in the design and production of hand held sealant and adhesive applicators.


Founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, Andreas Stihl AG & Company is a German manufacturer of handheld power equipment, mostly know for its chainsaws.

Chess clock (digital)

Founded in 1992 by Ben Bulsink, DGT Projects manufactures the official FIDE chess clock. When studying at the Technical University Twente in Enschede, Bulsink built his first clock in 1985.


Founded in 1889 by Max Bessey in Stuttgart as a bright steel drawing plant, Bessey Tool GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world.


Founded in 1895 by David W. Brunton and William Ainsworth, Brunton, Inc. is a manufacturer of technical gear for outdoor activity.


Founded in 1918 by C.N. Williamson and E.E. ‘Colonel’ Dickie as the US Overall Company, Dickies is a leading manufacturer of workwear.


Founded in 1885 by Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith as ‘Binney & Smith’, Crayola is a brand of artists’ supplies and best known for its crayons.

Cricket ball

Founded in 1890 by Alfred Grace Thompson, Kookaburra is a sports equipment company, mostly known for manufacturing the most iconic cricket ball.


Two big names feature in the history of the dartboard: Nodor, founded in 1919, and Winmau, founded in 1945 as H.A. Hicks.


Founded in 1937 by Frank Lowy, Unicorn is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dart equipment.


Founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler as a dollhouse furniture company, Mattel is the manufacturer of the original Barbie fashion doll.

Exercise bike

Founded in 1968 by Ray Wilson and Augie Neato, Life Fitness is an American fitness equipment company, specialized in the production of exercise bikes and treadmills.

Felt-tipped pen

Founded in 1949 as the Japan Stationery Co., Pentel is a privately held Japanese manufacturer of stationery products, credited for inventing the world’s first felt-tipped pen.

Field hockey stick

Founded in 1855 by world rackets champion H.J. Gray, Grays is a supplier of quality sports equipment for hockey, racquets and cricket, and especially known as a field hockey stick manufacturer.

Foosball table

Founded in 1927, Bonzini has always been active in the leisure industry, with a specialization in precision engineering and furniture manufacturing.


Introduced in 1968 by Adidas for the 1968 European Football Championship, the iconic Telstar was the first football to be decorated with black pentagons.

Forklift truck

Founded in 1904 by Dr. Hugo Güldner, Dr. Carl von Linde and Dr. Georg von Krauss as Güldner-Motoren-Gesellschaft, Linde Material Handling GmbHis a manufacturer of forklift and warehouse trucks and is the market leader in Europe.


Founded in 1948 by Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin, Wham-O Inc. is a toy company known for marketing popular toys such as the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee, the Slip ‘N Slide, the Hacky Sack and the Boogie Board.

Garden hose

Founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner as an importer of French garden tools, Gardena today is a manufacturer of products for garden watering and care.

Golf ball

Founded in 1932 by Phil Young, Titleist is an American brand name golf equipment and apparel products, mostly known for its iconic golfballs.

Golf club (putter)

Founded in 1967 by Karsten Solheim, Ping is an American manufacturer of golf equipment, especially known for making the most iconic putter model, the Ping Anser.

Golf club (wedge)

Founded in 1979 by Roger Cleveland as ‘Cleveland Classics’, Cleveland Golf is a manufacturer of golf equipment, mostly known for its innovative wedges.

Golf shoes

Founded in 1857 as the Furt and Packard Shoe Company and soon thereafter named Field and Flint Company, FootJoy is the number one seller of golf shoes and gloves in the United States.

Guitar amplifier

Founded in 1962 by drummer Jim Marshall as a shop selling drums, Marshall Amplification is the world’s leading manufacturer of music amplifiers, and speaker cabinets.


Founded in 1911 by James Neill, Eclipse makes the world’s frost iconic hacksaw. In 1889, James Neill patented composite steel and registered his products under the Eclipse trademark in 1909.


Estwing Manufacturing Company was founded in Rockford, Illinois, in 1923 by Swedish immigrant Ernest O. Estwing…

Hammer drill

Founded in 1941 by Martin and Eugen Hilti, Hilti AG is a manufacturer of products for the construction, primarily for the professional end-user.


Founded in 1830 by John Spear and Sam Jackson, Spear & Jackson Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of garden tools, metrology equipment, woodworking tools and magnetic equipment under several brand names.


Founded in 1857 by Matthias Hohner, Hohner is a German manufacturer of musical instruments, mostly know for their harmonicas and accordions.

Hedge shears

Founded in 1940 by blacksmith Tsuneichi Okano, Okatsune (an acronym of the founder’s name) is the undisputed number 1 shear manufacturer in Japan.

High chair

Designed in 1972 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik for Stokke, the Tripp Trapp is an ingenious highchair that revolutionized the children’s chair category.

Hunting rifle

Founded in 1835 by London tobacconist and fine competition pigeon shot Harris Holland, Holland & Holland manufacturers the most iconic hunting rifles.

Jacket (work)

Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, Carhartt is an American clothing company, mostly known for its work clothes such as jackets, overalls and coveralls.


Founded in 1970 by Hal Wing, Wing Enterprises produces the Little Giant Ladder System and is the largest manufacturer of American-made ladders.


Founded in 1783, Shaw Magnets is the oldest established magnet company in the world and can be found in hundreds of thousands of industrial and educational environments.


Founded in 1895 by Gustav Wittner, Wittner manufactures musical accessories such as tuning forks, string accessories and stands, but is mostly known for its metronomes.

Moon boots

Founded in 1960 by Oreste Zanatta, who first ran a small workshop, Calzaturificio Tecnica S.P.A. focused primarily on the production of work-boots.

Music stand

Founded in 1883 by the Krauth and Benninghofen families, Hamilton Stands Inc. is a musical instrument accessories manufacturing company based in Middletown, Ohio.


Founded in 1868 by Linus Yale Jr. and Henry R. Towne, Yale is a leading lock manufacturer and inventor of the pin tumbler lock.

Paint (acrylic)

Founded in 1963 by Alois K. Diethelm, Lascaux has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water-based artists’ colours and products used for restoration.

Playing cards

Playing cards date back as early as the 9th century during the Tang dynasty (618–907) in China. A standard deck of cards as we know it today is based on French playing cards.

Plush toy

Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, Steiff is a German-based plush toy company known for its high quality toys.

Pocket knife

Founded in 1890 by Joseph Opinel, Opinel manufacturers and markets a line of wooden-handled knives. The family-run company also operates a museum dedicated to its knives.

Pool cleaning robot

In 1982, Peter Rasch invented a device that could automatically clean a swimming pool. He decided to work with Maytronics to develop the world’s first robotic pool cleaner.

Pool table

John Brunswick built his first billiards table in 1845 at his woodworking shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a successful Chicago meatpacker.

Radial arm saw

In 1922 inventor and entrepreneur Raymond Elmer DeWalt invented the radial arm saw in 1922. He founded DeWalt Products Company in 1924 to manufacture his radial arm saw, which he called the ‘wonder-worker’.