Great Lash (1971)

The history of mascara goes back to the down of modern human civilization. Ever since Ancient Egypt, people want to make their eyes and eyelashes more beautiful. In 1834, Eugène Rimmel invented the first industrial made mascara, and in many languages the term ‘rimmel’ is an eponym of ‘mascara’. Modern mascara gained popularity only after relentless promotion and marketing by Helena Rubinstein. Her influence, and constant promotions by various movie actresses made mascara socially acceptable in any situation. However – 

Founded in 1915 by T.L. Williams, Maybeline is the manufacturer of the most iconic mascara. T.L. Williams devised a similar formula as Rimmel, but he managed to innovate his product. In the 1960’s Maybelline launched its waterproof Ultra Lash Mascara, which was the first mascara that was applied directly from the brush in the tube. In 1971, Maybelline introduced Great Lash, a water based mascara that made history. Maybelline Great Lash is the best-selling mascara ion the market, crossing a drugstore scanner every 1.5 seconds. Its winning formula is closely guarded and its hip appeal is undeniable.

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