Coat (peacoat)


Established 1850

Founded by Edgard Camplin in 1850, Camplin today makes the best peacoats available. In 1888 Camplin started supplying to the Royal Navy, but the success came when there was a need of standardization in uniform production. Camplin was the one to supply uniforms in the British Colonies.

Although it is hard to determine the true origins of the peacoat, Camplin is believed by many to be the inventor. Camplin suggested a new petty officer’s uniform and came up with a crossover between regular attire and the great coat that senior officers wore. This P.Coat (P for Petty) soon became peacoat for phonetic reasons. Another etymologic interpretation is that ‘pea’ derives from the Dutch word ‘pij’, the name for the rough cloth the jackets were made of.

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